MMMF Four Ladders

Donations to Date

Education & Prevention

  • 2019: MMMF donated 15 sets of child turnout gear to both the Sudbury Fire Department and Walktham Fire Department to provide children with opportunities to try on gear and see how it feels to be immersed in the role. The gear is used at the station open houses and at the public schools during fire prevention week.


  • 2020: MMMF donated the Paratech Model 52-2 Lift Bag Set and the G2 Control Kit to Waltham Fire Department squad 5. These new airbags are life-saving devices that can be used to lift a heavy vehicle off of a person if they are pinned in an accident.
  • 2020: MMMF donated PPE to Sudbury during the height of the Covid pandemic.
  • 2021: MMMF donated a 3M Scott V320 Thermal Imager Camera to Waltham Fire Department. This camera provides firefighters with critical information that enables them to make better decisions in extreme conditions.

Recovery & Support

  • 2019: MMMF donated to local girl who became critically ill with EEE.
  • 2021: MMMF donated to families who were victims of an apartment fire in Acton.
  • 2021: MMMF donated to a family who lost their home due to a house fire.
  • 2022: MMMF donated to Waltham Elementary School studentt receiving cancer treatments to cover medical costs.
  • 2022: MMMF donated to the Portland Firefighters Children’s Burn Foundation to host three campers.
  • 2023: MMMF donated to a Waltham family who lost a child.
  • 2023: MMMF donated to a family who lost their home due to a house fire in MA.
  • 2023: MMMF donated to the Sudbury Firefighter Association.

Max's Legacy

  • 2019: MMMF donated house supplies to David’s House to support families staying there.