Max's Story

Max was a vivacious young boy; outgoing, smart and curious. In his short life, he touched so many with his spirit. Max loved his family and friends, school, hockey, soccer, trains, trucks, country music, and so many of life’s simple joys. Max was fascinated by fire trucks and often vocalized that he wanted to be a daddy and a firefighter when he grew up. In the true spirit of a young firefighter, Max would often walk into homes of friends and ask where the fire detectors were and educate anyone who would listen about fire safety.

Max LOVED to be around people. He would say “hi” to strangers just to introduce himself and he would always remember their names. Max was an old soul. It didn’t matter how old you were, what you looked like, or how busy you were, all Max cared about was playing with you. He could light up the room and your day with just his smile.

Due to icy road conditions, Max and his family were in a terrible car accident coming home from Christmas in 2018. Max fought so hard for nearly a month but the injuries sustained to his brain were too severe and he passed away early 2019 at the age of four. Max’s life was too short but he certainly lived it to the fullest.